Skincare is just one area of science where research money is not in short supply. Many would say there’s far too much spending in an area with such limited real world benefit.

But it’s hard to make that argument stick when consumer demand is so rampant for newer, better, younger, tighter… and when those products are bought in such volumes the moment the latest greatest product hits the shelves.

The skin whitening market is just one such area that causes some great controversy.

At one end of the scale, according to this we have women lightening the color of their underarm areas. Or using face whitening creams. Both of which to many minds would fall firmly in the camp of mere cosmetics and totally unecessary. But those very same products can also be used to reduce fairly unpleasant blemishes or other skin discolourations. Still cosmetic, but a far greater number would agree with the value of such a consumer having that choice – something which could have significant secondary benefitĀ  to their psychological wellbeing?


The womens skin care market is of course vast, but men are becoming highly significant consumers too. And nothing is going to stop that demand any time soon. But are there enough more ‘necessary’ side benefits to the sheer volume beauty and skincare research to forgive this demand in society? Should we even want to change? How much is too far?