Pipes are an awfully small place to dream…

As a kid I had 2 simple dreams.

First, in kindergarten I was given a fill-in the blank worksheet with the line: I want to do __________ when I grow up.

I filled in: science.

Second, I wanted to see all the places in the fancy science and nature shows I grew up watching (NOVA and National Geographic to name a couple) for myself.

So, after a few years of constant dreaming and several trips in the States, I quit my job and chose a few countries to see. Many people have asked if this is an around-the-world trip (an apparently hip thing these days, but I missed the memo), and I always answer “no.” It’s just a trip to several countries. I have no idea when I’ll stop traveling, but I do plan on getting back to the States some day.

Ditching the corporate career.

ABOUTWhy, yes I could’ve happily continued to climb the corporate ladder but it seemed way too easy. You see, I have a knack for huge risks and taking the path of most resistance (or doing things backwards. Whatever you’re more comfortable with.). So naturally it made sense to quit during one of the bleakest periods in the American job market. No, I’ll probably never catch up to my peers on the corporate ladder, but that’s okay. It wasn’t a part of my plan. My plan was to see a bit of the world, so I’m working on that now before I get too old.

So what’s with the science word in your title?

Well, once upon I time I actually became a scientist. It was a brief time, about 4 years, that I spent working in a science-ish field (water quality reporting to the feds) after getting a B.S. in Environmental Science. I discovered that there was a huge difference between scientific research (the fun stuff, where you get to use really fancy instruments to tell you really fancy things) and the use of science for regulatory purposes (you know, where you can have stakeholders tell you there’s no such thing as science!). I saw how particularly powerful stakeholders (as in, they had lots of money) influenced things. So I decided to bail on that science career and head to corporate America to, ahem, learn how to influence things. (And I would’ve gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for those meddling childhood dreams.)

Eventually, I hope I work science into the blog because there’s TONS of awesome stuff happening that nobody knows about. (Ok, so people obviously know about it, but the more the merrier.) As for the term in the middle, finds, all the Merriam-Webster definitions apply (and I believe in the Oxford comma).

Is this a travel website?

Um, no. Perhaps you’re not sure if you’re willing to deal with the trade-offs of long-term travel. Perhaps I can provide some insight, but I’m not here to offer travel advice or talk about places you should see before you die. There are plenty of brilliant travelogues out there, so if you’re really interested in figuring out how to travel the world, Google it. If you’re too lazy to Google, I’ve given you a lead with the links at the bottom of my site. You could also just get out there and try something. Anything. Anything except Marmite or it red-headed step child, Vegemite.

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